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        What are the steps for hot stamping of Jiangmen film

        2020-02-14 263

        When we do the post printing processing of in mold label, we can choose to hot stamp first and then polish, or we can choose to polish first and then hot stamp. Let's make a stamping process analysis of in mold label for us.

        Cold stamping process is mainly combined with flexography and embossing. In order to get excellent visual effect of cold stamping, high technical support is needed. If the cold stamping process is used, the author suggests that the method of first cold stamping and then printing should be used. Thick ink layer can be used to hide the burr on the edge of cold stamping, and then excellent printing effect can be obtained.

        The effect of hot stamping is affected by foil, temperature, pressure and speed. During hot stamping, the characteristics of the label material in the mold and the suitability of the hot stamping on the foil shall be taken as the premise. The hot stamping pressure shall be adjusted first, and then the hot stamping temperature shall be confirmed. The melting point of the hot melt adhesive coated on the hot stamping foil should be lower than that of the hot melt adhesive of the label material in the mold, and the hot stamping pressure and time should be strictly controlled to avoid the concave convex deformation of the label in the mold. In order to obtain a large area of hot stamping effect, the author does not recommend the selection of hot stamping process.

        Its hot stamping can be divided into cold and hot stamping, we need to choose according to our own detailed situation.

        Article source: Jiangmen film inner paste manufacturerhttp://www.avalentin.com

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