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        Will Jiangmen pet food container be replaced

        2020-02-14 261

        Pet food plastic bottles are widely used. This kind of packaging has the characteristics of high transparency, impact resistance, good air tightness, and can prevent the leakage of carbon dioxide gas. PET plastic bottle has become the main stream of food packaging because of its light weight, easy to preserve, stress on heat resistance, pressure resistance and other technical trends.

        There are many beverages that need high temperature sterilization to be filled, such as flavored water, fruit juice, dairy products, sports drinks, etc., which are also packed in PET plastic bottles, which have become the main packaging materials of beverage products. PET plastic bottle has the characteristics of low environmental pollution and energy consumption, which gradually replaces the traditional packaging materials in today's environment-friendly consciousness. With the functions of heat resistance and pressure resistance, it has become the most potential packaging material to replace PVC bottles, bags, aluminum cans, iron cans, glass bottles, etc.


        Although the raw material price of PETG plastic bottle is relatively higher than that of PET plastic, it feels that the hardness, smoothness and post-processing ability of the product are stronger than that of PET plastic bottle. The application of PETG plastic bottle in many lighter bottles and cosmetics products will have advantages over that of PET plastic bottle, but why does the appearance of PETG not replace pet?

        PETG plastic bottle will not replace PET plastic bottle. When we review the history, we will find that the earlier it is invented, it often means that the composition process is simple, the raw materials are rich and easy to obtain. Although there will be a shortage of performance, it is difficult to replace as long as it is not an essential defect. In terms of product properties, compared with pet, PETG plastic bottle has relatively limited advantages. It is not a trans era innovation and has limited impact on PET plastic bottle.

        Article source: Jiangmen pet food container manufacturerhttp://www.avalentin.com

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