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        What requirements should Jiangmen pet food container meet

        2020-02-14 261

        In fact, the plastic bottle of food is just the plastic bottle of packaged food. In terms of the customized food plastic bottle, what requirements should the customized food plastic bottle meet?

        Convenience: as a container for storing food, it must be convenient for consumers to carry and eat, and have the conditions for long-distance transportation.

        Corrosion resistance: a large part of food in plastic bottles has certain nutrients, organic acids and some compounds, which will decompose in the process of sterilization under high temperature and pressure, thus increasing the corrosion of plastic bottles. Therefore, in order to ensure the long-term storage of food, the selected plastic bottles must have good corrosion resistance.


        Safety: as a plastic container for food, because it is in direct contact with food, the most important and basic thing is to be harmless to human body and ensure that the food complies with the health regulations of various countries. Generally speaking, the export cans should meet the relevant health standards of FDA and importing countries.

        Sealing: because food is usually rotten and deteriorated due to microorganisms, plastic bottles of food must have reliable sealing, so that after food is sterilized by heating, it can no longer be polluted by external microorganisms.

        Suitable for industrial production: in the production process, plastic bottles should bear the stamping, curling, welding and other processes of various machines, and the demand is large, which requires mass production, so it must have the production requirements of factory mechanization and automation, and the colleague should have high efficiency, stable quality, low cost and meet the needs of modern production management.

        Article source: Jiangmen pet food container manufacturerhttp://www.avalentin.com

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